Food For Thought — Men are not sheep

We do follow. But we have our say in it.

Luciano Kovacevic
1 min readJul 22, 2022


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Think twice the next time you nod when someone cynically says this.

In truth though, just like sheep do, we operate in social constructs. But, aside from shared historic dependence on wool, the two species sit far away from each other in terms of behavioral complexity.

People, especially in modern days, have the freedom to choose what flock they join. Sheep don’t.

Sheep are born to a flock. Their genetic properties, opposed to humans, play a crucial role in their social positioning— the bigger their horns, the higer the rank.

We, in all our richnes of diverse flocks, chose our flocks. We don’t carry around horns, thank god.

Human flocks are divergent. Different herds appreciate different genetic or personal properties — and it’s rarely the size of our Lil’ Billy...

You could argue that the fundamental truth behind the statement is “we follow, just like sheep do.” But you would also miss out on the low-down that men actually choose the flock.

They also choose to say fuck you if it’s not the right one — even when it means suffering severe consequences.



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