I Got My Personal Freedom Back

Here is what I have learned.

Luciano Kovacevic
2 min readJan 14, 2022


I used to work a 9 to 5. Actually, it was “come in anywhere from 7 to 10, take rests, and leave anytime between 3 to 6 P.M.” Quite flexible considering what folks are used to. And even more impressive since it was a nice job.

I quit.

Now, I make my own schedule. I start at 8, excuse me 11 AM. I get off when I no longer want to. And I repeat this process NEVER.

I love it, really. I’m grateful for it with all of my being. It’s so good it has no buts.

I cook, I clean, I jump, I scream

I learned a couple of important lessons during these five months.

First, discipline doesn’t require rules and codes. It’s not waking up before roosters, or motivating the black mamba inside that’s kneeling scared shitless telling you “Grow up, you hirsute child”. Nope.

Discipline is the ability to create opportunities and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if you do it while in handstand scorpion position, doing tripod headstands with lotus legs, or while at your desk.

Second, I learned to not give a fuck a lot more. So much I am surprised with myself. At first, I thought it was some hormonal stuff. Now I see it’s my professional coming of age and some hormonal stuff...

To illustrate, I just realized I can swear because I won’t get paid anyway. I choose not to more often, but I could if I wanted to, from time to time, you know…

Last and least indeed, environment. Many great philosophers said there is no place like home. Well, I work from there. I love it most of the time even though sometimes I hear crickets and get bored of space. I love the outside vastness. But it passes within a day usually and I can sing anoyingly loud with my girlfriend in a meantime.

I am in my own environment and it’s fun to be around.

I work, I rest, I plan, I read, I hang laundry

This will not last forever, but I appreciate the fact that it is now. I needed it so much, the freedom.

A free-will to act whatever way I think is natural, intuitive, best, productive, whatever... I think about it, I do it or don’t. I’m not afraid to make mistakes. I do things that mean something to me and perhaps nothing to anyone else.

If you haven’t tried, I highly recommend.



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