Virtual Crack Cocaine vs. Digital Idea Library

Illustrated by author with help of PngEgg

TikTok = Addiction

The equation we all read about by now. People with screen addiction usually have TikTok installed. If it’s not TikTok, it’s another social media app.

It’s a fact.

Truth be told, most people are not hooked. However, not all people are addicted to alcohol and it’s still a problem…

Your brain is a naive pleasure-seeking sponge. Its modus operandi is not fit to deal with an overwhelming amount of entertaining content. Content purposely delivered to manipulate that dinosaur brain of yours.

Illustrated by the author with help of PngEgg

TikTok ≠ Content Value

Feel free, judge me. I know there are really creative people on the platform. I understand there is visually unique content.

But is there any real value in it aside from entertainment?

You watched a video of a person holding a glass cup on his nose while drinking a beer from the same cup. Bam! Scroll. Next one.

Ask people who get stuck in scrolling loops on TikTok to write down 5 videos they liked the day before.

Seems like the Chinese hooked westerners by giving them a taste of their own poison…

Medium ≠ Addiction

The only dopamine rush you get from Medium happens in three instances.

  • You hit 100 followers or get curated (writers)
  • You read an amazing piece (readers)
  • You engage with other members (writers and readers)

All three scenarios share one thing in the common — effort.

  • You read a few how-to articles, talked to your peers, endlessly clicked follow buttons, found communities that want to support you along the way. As a result, you got those 100 followers.
  • You spent 10 precious minutes reading a thought-provoking piece of content. Maybe you’ve read 10 not-that-great articles before THE ONEThe result? You contemplated the concept from the article and shared it with others.
  • Notifications, engagement, shares… tools to spike up those pleasure chemicals. On Medium, these are usually well deserved. You have probably written dozen of pieces yourself or commented after you’ve spent time reading. Enjoy it.

If you’re addicted, stay hooked. At least you get to choose your vices.

Medium = Content Value

If you don’t know now you know. The value is all around.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for reading my articles… this is pure entertainment 😂

Anyway, instead of reading extensive arguments go ahead and read one of the articles below. They are both entertaining and valuable…

Get addicted, stay hooked, share the drug with others on Medium.




I write words that entertain & educate. I entertain because I like being entertained; I educate since I wish to understand.

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Luciano Kovacevic

Luciano Kovacevic

I write words that entertain & educate. I entertain because I like being entertained; I educate since I wish to understand.

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