You’re Missing Out On These 3 Unique Medium Writers

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The more I spend time on Medium the more I start to appreciate writers whose stories I find unique. Especially if they are still undervalued (in my opinion) and still blooming on the platform.

These three writers pushed the right buttons for me. I have a predilection for them because I found either their personality, content, or life story unique. That gave me confidence you will like them as well.

#1 Sara Burdick: Writes About Personal Development

Image by Sara on Medium

Here is a crazy, courageous, inspiring, and creative one from a small pueblo in Colombia. No, she is not Colombian, but an American who realized she can do whatever she wants with her life. Her share of life experiences led to this realization and left some worthy scars along the way.

After months of hearing it’s not Columbia, it’s Colombia, she settled and decided to share her creative expression with us.

Please, go ahead and read her life story. I don’t have any doubts you’ll stay glued to her work.

“My parents were hippies, and we lived off the land before it was cool. Needless to say, we were poor and happy.”- About Me, Sara Burdick

Before starting with her rural life again, she was a nurse. It gave her the opportunity to reflect and find her own path. Maybe advice from elders helped a little…

“They lived their life for someone else. Whether it was their spouse, their children, or their parents. A lot of the women said they wished they stood up and divorced their husbands, but it was the 50s and life was different”What Do Most People Regret At The End of Their Life

Sara Burdick Thanks.

#2 Alicia Dominguez: Writes Gothic & Enlightening Content

Image by Alicia on Medium

In her past life, Alicia was a writer in search of monsters. In this one, she shares gothic lessons she learned on that quest. I’m not sure though if she wanted to slay the monsters or unleash them in this realm of ours the same way she is unleashing her passion…

This writer has her own unique way of sharing deep psychological findings and insights about human conditions through gothic elements.

If you ever felt like you don’t fit the standards or your taste in music was a bit “weird” for others, you might find gothic and Alicia’s Medium profile inviting.

“The Gothic allows you to see the world from the eyes of “the other” and therefore it helps you towards your empathy.”The Power of Gothic Storytelling

The gothic can teach you life, the same way Alicia can teach you languages and better living.

“Defining the words you don’t know or have forgotten is an underrated activity that can help you become a better communicator.” — When In Doubt Describe What You Want To Say

Alicia Domínguez Thanks. Counting days until you write your first horror fiction book.

#3 Natasha Nichole Lake: Writes About Self-care & WFH

Image by Natasha on Medium

Natasha will help you understand you’re enough. She prefers peace and quiet because she has thoughts to think, lessons to teach, and articles to write.

If the introverted side of you is ever in need of an advocate, Natasha is your choice. You will be reassured you’re alright for liking your own company, and your extroverted friends will drink one out without you tonight.

“As an introvert, I feel like I’ve been muted by well-intentioned allies who attempt to speak for all introverts and explain our delightful, refreshing dispositions as deficiencies to be repaired. As symptoms of a deep, underlying condition… I’m not broken. I’m not insecure. I’m not even shy.”- Stop Telling Introverts What To Do

Natasha’s body is in this dimension, the same as yours and mine. But her self exploring, contemplating mind shifts planes in the inner multiverse. The perks of being an introvert…

She is willing to share her insecurities, deep-rooted beliefs, and ways in which she is making the progress in her own healthy and unique way. Reading her words will feel like peeking at her diary, and if you’ve ever done that you know it’s interesting…

“I’m too focused on avoiding rejection. I meet people in the lobby of my life, I never invite them into my suite where masks are removed and the representative falls away from my body like a heavy gown after a long night.” It’s me. I’m the toxic friend.

Natasha Nichole Lake Thank you.

Read their work. Engage. Share it. Reciprocate.

Do the same for other writers you find interesting as well. Your liking means they are deserving of attention. When you read a great book you tell your friends about it, so why wouldn’t you do the same for Medium writers?

Enjoy your reading time.



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